AKC School

AKC School


08:30 AM To 02:30 PM

6th TO 8th

*As per RTE- Right to Education and NEP- National Education Policy from state to state.*

Children in this age group as identified as Toddlers. Children are born curious. They begin to explore the environment around them as soon as they are born. AKC’S playgroup age appropriate curriculum plays an important role in helping children continue their exploration. 

AKC’S Playgroup prepares a child developmentally and academicaly for regular school (age 3 years and above) based on NEP 2020.
The first few years of a child’s life are crucial and critical when it comes to the acquisition of skills and brain based learning.

In the playgroup class, the young learners develop their latent language and math skills which is core to successful future learning.